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What are the odds of an England win at RWC2015 ?

A quick glimpse at the odds on who is going to win this year’s Rugby World Cup yields few surprises, as, lets face it, bookies rarely get things wrong! The All Blacks at 13/10 might seem a little too nailed on for a fantastic team prone to choking, but they are obviously the team to beat.

England, with confidence abounding at their Colorado training camp are at a very approachable 9/2, and with home advantage and a side capable of doing anything (including letting in buckets of tries in pursuit of scoring more), the patriotically minded might feel its worth a punt. Is Bill coming home?

But then it gets interesting. South Africa at 5/1? Really? A last minute win against the Aussies on Saturday doesn’t make them a poor side, and the predicted semi final between them and New Zealand will be a cracker.

Six Nations champions (albeit on a slim points difference) Ireland at 15/2 is a tidy bet, as on their day they can beat anyone. The Aussies at 10/1 and the Welsh at 16/1 seem to have factored in that they will be scrapping for second a place in England’s group, putting them in the NZ / South Africa half of the draw in the knock out stages. What, God forbid, if either finish top of the group and get a good run to the final?

Our Gallic chums, priced at 20/1, might have been written off by the bookies, but again, on their day they can do anything, but probably won’t.

And last but not least, our plucky friends from North of the Border, who with the smallest pool of players to choose from within the Home Nations, are fiercely competitive, but probably worth every point of their 200/1 odds.

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, but this is the Rugby World Cup we’re talking about, and sometimes you’ve just got to put your money where your mouth is. All odds from Paddy Power this morning – other bookies are of course available.

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